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Boarding Life

We like our boarders to be busy and get as much as they can from the boarding lifestyle. House staff strongly encourage participation in House responsibilities and activities to build confidence and self-esteem.

Daily Routine

Monday to Friday boarders are woken up at 7.00am and breakfast is served in the Dining Hall at 7.30am. Boarders return to their rooms to gather all they need for the school day, then leave the Houses for registration at 8.20am. With the exception of Sixth Form boarders, who have their own study bedroom, they do not return to the House until the end of the school day.

The school day ends at 16.25 when boarders have tea and then return to House. Evening activities take place in two periods (16.45 – 17.45 and 19.30 – 20.30). Years 7 and 8 must sign up for at least three activities per week, Year 9 and 10 pupils must sign up for at least one. Older pupils can sign up for any they choose. A sign-up form is emailed to parents at the start of every term. Also included in this timetable are supervised homework sessions.  

After supper each House comes together for House Roundup to find out the day was and pass on messages. There is always time to relax and talk to family and friends before bed.

All boarders have a set bedtime, and must be in their rooms fifteen minutes before, settling down for the night. After lights out everyone must be quiet in the dorm or in their rooms and settle down to sleep. Bedtimes depend on year group.


There is no Saturday school at Leweston so boarders spend Saturday mornings relaxing in House and completing their homework. In the afternoons there are often sports fixtures, either onsite or at other schools. There will also be activities planned for the afternoon and early evening and usually the opportunity to go into Sherborne. Saturday afternoon also offers the opportunity to relax, tidy up and get ready for the next week, as well as make the most of the beautiful grounds (the bikes and go-karts are very popular on a sunny day.)

In the evening, there might be a cinema trip, or bowling, or a relaxing night in watching DVDs and eating popcorn. For the older years there are organised socials which many of the day pupils join.

On Sunday there is usually a whole day activity such as go-karting, caving, ice-skating or a trip to the theatre or beach, as well as a programme in school. On Friday evenings, Sixth Formers can go out at the discretion of the houseparent and senior boarders can arrange their own trips and visits.

All activities, including those at weekends, are open to day pupils who often come into school to spend time with their boarding friends.

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