Pastoral Care and Social Responsibility

Leweston has a reputation for having a clear sense of purpose that guides all we do as a school, our strong commitment to the pastoral care of all the children, and our sharing of sound and lifelong values. We work hard to create a community where everyone is valued and respected. Pupils are encouraged to regard the school as an extended family and treat each other as such.

The School’s Golden Rules form the backbone of our behavioural code and ensure that pupils know the difference between right and wrong. We expect the standard of behaviour to be excellent.

Pupils know they can turn to staff with any issues or concerns. Appropriate measures are in place to ensure the welfare, health and safety of pupils and we work hard to promote the wellbeing. Staff know pupils extremely well and pastoral needs are effectively monitored and supported by the strong structure that underpins daily routines. Older pupils also understand that they are role models for younger pupils and they relish this responsibility. The pupils are proud of their school they are keen to contribute, prefects and form captains take their responsibilities very seriously.

Every year Leweston Prep participates in a wide range of activities to raise hundreds of pounds for charities both close to home and further afield. The prefects take the lead in coordinating a programme of activities. Last year the pupils supported a 24 hour Triathlon organised by Year 13 but involving every pupil in the school, charity mufti days, bake sales and more.

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