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Finding the Right Course

In an increasingly complex landscape of university and careers setting each student on the path that suits them best is vitally important. With a choice of 20 different subjects most students take examinations in three. This, combined with the enrichment programme, provides a breadth and depth of learning. Some students will follow four subjects, usually where both Mathematics and Further Mathematics are studied but we strongly believe that a focus on quality not quantity is key to achieving good grades.

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As far as possible Leweston allows students to choose any combination of subjects but there is a minimum number for a subject to run. The school will also advise on a course of study if a student has a particular university course or career in mind.

Many students find it hard to pick which subjects to continue, or start, in Sixth Form. The most important criteria for choosing subjects are:

  • Look at what you are likely to enjoy as well as what you are good at, you will have a greater chance of success in a subject that interests you.
  • Are there particular subjects and/or grades you may need? If you have a particular career, job, or further study in mind, you may need to choose specific A levels in order to meet entry requirements. Your tutor, Heads of Department and the Head of Sixth Form can advise on this.
  • How open you want to keep your future study and career choices?

Staff are on hand throughout Year 11 to answer questions and advise and all Sixth Form candidates will have personal interviews with the Head of Sixth Form to explore what the right options are for them.