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The Boarding Houses

Leweston has four boarding houses: Martha (Girls Years 4 to 8), Cecilia (Girls Years 9 and 10), Eleanor (Girls Years 11 to 13) and Antony (Boys Years 4 to 13).

Each House has its own Houseparent who plays a crucial role in the pastoral care of their students. Our aim is to create a relaxed, family atmosphere where boarders feel happy, secure and comfortable.

Unlike many boarding schools, the Houses are part of the main school buildings. This creates a home from home atmosphere where academic, daily life happens ‘downstairs’, and boarding, family life happens ‘upstairs’. It enables pupils to share common areas where all the boarders, especially siblings, can spend time together. It also ensures that day and boarding pupils are fully integrated as they spend the whole school day together.

See more about our boarding Houses below:

Martha House (Girls, Years 4 to 8)

Martha House (Girls, Years 4 to 8)

Martha House is a vibrant, welcoming and safe place for boarders from Years 5 to 8.

Martha House is named for St Martha, the patron saint of servants and cooks. Their emblem is a dolphin. Found on the coat of arms of John Fitzjames, a dolphin symbolises swiftness and diligence. Fitzjames inherited Leweston Manor on the death of his stepfather John Leweston. The dolphin can also be found on the tomb of John Leweston and his wife Joan in Sherborne Abbey, which was erected by Fitzjames in their memory.

The house is a fun and lively place, and all boarders are encouraged to involve themselves fully in the life of the School and the large variety of activities that are on offer. With dog walks, hide and seek, movie nights, bikes and go karts the boarders in Martha House have little time to get bored, and each boarder is encouraged to involve themselves as much as they want and need to.

Weekends provide the opportunity to venture outside of school and enjoy trips to the coast or local attractions. Important ‘down time’ is also encouraged, and a Martha House favourite are the regular ‘sleepy Sundays’ which offer the pupils a much needed lie in and relaxed breakfast in house. Birthdays and special events are eagerly anticipated and celebrated.

When we asked members of Martha House what was best about being a boarder they said ‘to help others, be kind, learn how to share, how to get along with different people and how to be a little more organised!’

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Miss Robinson is Houseparent to Martha and Cecilia house, click here to contact her.





Cecilia House (Girls, Years 9 and 10)

Cecilia House (Girls, Years 9 and 10)

Boarders in Years 9 and 10 board in colourful and spacious dormitories of four or five in the main school building. Each boarder has their own bed  and a well-equipped common room for relaxation. Study is completed downstairs in the school library to provide a sense of separation from academic life.

Cecilia House is named for St Cecilia, the patron saint of music. Their emblem is an anchor which symbolises hope and religious steadfastness. Leweston has long been associated with the image of an anchor. Firstly, ­it is found within the crest of George Hamilton Fletcher who purchased the manor in 1906 and can be seen on the front façade of the manor house.  Secondly, the grounds are home to two anchors that were left by the Royal Navy after they had requisitioned the manor during the second world war.

As senior pupils, all Cecilia House boarders are encouraged to get involved in the life of the school. These years are important both academically and for emotional and social development – it is a time for boarders to enjoy exploring their interests; following their enthusiasms, and learning to cooperate with each other as they become more independent. Boarders and staff in Cecilia House meet regularly at house meetings and at a variety of informal occasions to communicate, co-operate and socialise.

7_Robinson, Lara, Robinson

Miss Robinson is Houseparent to Martha and Cecilia house.




Eleanor House (Girls, Year 11 and Sixth Form)

Eleanor House (Girls, Year 11 and Sixth Form)

Year 11 and Sixth Form boarders at Leweston live on the South Wing in Eleanor House. All full boarders have their own individual study bedrooms and the use of two Common Rooms. Boarders have access to a laundry room where they can take control of their own washing and the common room kitchens which are available for use at weekends. These are some ways that boarders can develop their own independent living skills as they prepare to move on to life at university and the world beyond school.

Eleanor House is named after Mother Eleanor, who was Headmistress when the school relocated to its present site from Sherborne. Eleanor House’s emblem is three broad axes. Found on the crest of the last of the Leweston family, John Leweston, they signify execution of military duty. Sadly, John was the last of his line, and Leweston Manor passed to his stepson, John Fitzjames, on his death.

Boarders in Years 12 and 13 enjoy both the company and support of their peers on the Senior Wing, but are also very involved in the wider boarding community. As Sixth Formers, they are role models for the younger boarders and take on responsibility for organising social and charitable events and community duty rotas.

Boarders in Eleanor also have increased freedom over their free time and opportunities to go out of school at the end of the day and at weekends, as well as invite guests into the house social areas.

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Mrs Simkins-Smith is Houseparent to Eleanor House, click here to contact her.

Antony House (Boys, Years 4 to Sixth Form)

Antony House (Boys, Years 4 to Sixth Form)

Antony House is for boys age 8 to 18. A comforting home from home with limitless potential where full, weekly and flexi boarding boys can grow and flourish in a twenty-four-seven community. While academics are a key focus of their time spent at Antony House, all boys are encouraged to participate in the extensive variety of extra-curricular activities available at Leweston.

Antony House is named for the school’s original name, ‘St Antony’s’. St Antony of Padua is Leweston’s patron saint. Their emblem is three arrows which signify readiness for battle. The three inward facing arrows are from the coat of arms of George Hamilton Fletcher, who purchased the manor in 1906. The full coat of arms can be seen on the front façade of the manor house.

Antony House is the newest member of the Leweston boarding community, opening in 2019. It is based at the heart of the school in an area known as the North Wing. Antony House’s location provides students with easy access to all areas of the school while also offering a quiet environment for study and rest. Antony has single and double bedrooms, as well as their own social and communal space.

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Mr Cannon is Housemaster to Antony House, click here to contact him.