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Short Stays

Leweston welcomes ‘short stay’ international pupils throughout the year. These visits are anywhere from half a term to one year in length and provide the opportunity for pupils to experience boarding, join in with lessons and take part in a wide range of clubs, activities, trips and visits.


Short stay pupils join lessons as part of the normal school timetable, working with their other students in their class. It is therefore a great way to improve their English. As well as the normal timetable of lessons, families can elect to access the specialist English as Additional Language Department and a programme of English Language lessons can be organised if required. Each term is different and has its own events and opportunities.

Pupils live in one of the four boarding houses, which provide a warm welcome for those away from home. The strong family feel across the whole school means that many short stay pupils return year after year and form strong relationships with the other students in their years. 

Pupils joining for more than six months on a non-British passport will require a visa. 

"Since the first week in Leweston I have been happy. The thing I have most appreciated is how much people care about you and your feelings. My life has changed since I joined ."

Martina, Year 12