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Individualised Learning

At Leweston Prep learning is flexible and is adapted to the needs of all pupils providing high quality, differentiated teaching in class, however, specialist teachers are responsible for providing opportunities for academic extension and supporting those with special education needs.

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Post Teach

Post Teach enables pupils to fill gaps in their knowledge and understanding. Each day, as lessons are taught, pupils and staff will identify when concepts are not grasped, or when the fundamental building blocks for understanding are missing. At this point, the teacher, or the pupil, can request a post-teach session. Those nominated attend a separate session, later that day, where a teacher will work with a very small group to revisit that learning and re-teach the content. The post-teach session is just 20 minutes long, so there is minimal impact on other lessons. This gives a boost to any pupil who is struggling, revisiting and consolidating something they are uncertain of. They can then move on with confidence and security.

Academic Extension

The Post Teach programme can also be aimed at extending pupils that are able, gifted or talented (AGT) by introducing additional concepts or academic challenge. We also encourage pupils to participate in Science Olympiads, Maths Challenges, Public Speaking, Young Writers’ Competitions and so on. The creative curriculum is designed to allow for depth of thought by encouraging critical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills and we challenge all pupils to think deeply and critically about complex issues, cultivating a lifelong love of learning and a thirst for knowledge.  The Prep has an AGT register that identifies pupils and specifies the individual support that each one is receiving which is monitored and reviewed regularly. The Prep is also a member of the NACE Challenge Framework which supports schools in ensuring their more able learners achieve their potential.    

Academic Learning Support

Leweston’s Individual Needs department supports pupils with literacy, numeracy and study skills. The Department offers one to one lessons with a specialist teacher or small intervention groups, either inside or outside of a lesson. In addition to this all teachers provide tailored learning within class to suit each pupil's needs. In the older years we introduce the use of technology within the classroom for specific individuals. Targets are set termly and the Department looks to build strong relationships with parents to support each child in a holistic way. The Prep also works with external professionals such as a Speech and Language therapist when required. The school's English as an Additional Language teachers can also provide lessons to those for whom English is not their first language. 

Emotional Learning Support

Children learn best when they feel happy and their emotional needs are being addressed and for some pupils learning might be a question of confidence. Leweston Prep has a dedicated Pastoral Lead who coordinates and supports staff and pupils in all pastoral matters. There is also a qualified Emotional Literacy Support Assistant in the school, as well as access to qualified counsellors. The school has trained Mental Health First Aiders and a qualified Therabuild instructor who takes pupils for regular sessions. Like the whole of Leweston, the Prep is dog-friendly and the teachers use the beautiful grounds and woodlands to promote wellbeing of pupils.