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Responsibility and Community

At Leweston, we believe in the power of giving back and working together with our community. Every individual is encouraged to take responsibility for their learning, their relationships, and their personal growth. By fostering a culture of accountability, we support pupils in becoming compassionate leaders who are aware of their role in creating a better society.

We offer numerous opportunities to actively engage in community service, creating a sense of empathy and social responsibility. Through volunteering initiatives and collaborative projects, our pupils can make a positive impact on the lives of others while developing essential skills and values.

We encourage our pupils, from the youngest to the oldest, to embrace responsibilities that go beyond the classroom. Whether it's taking on leadership roles, raising money for charity, or contributing to the smooth functioning of the school community, we provide a supportive environment that supports personal growth and character development.

By actively participating in these opportunities, our students not only gain experience but also develop a deep understanding of the importance of collective effort and community engagement. By instilling this sense of social consciousness, our pupils become compassionate and active global citizens who strive to make a difference in the world.

"It's a great community, friendly, caring, there is a strong ethos around being a nice human. There is a sense of community and pride in its unique strengths and identity. It has good knowledge of every pupil as individuals and teaches acceptance of everyone's differences. "

Current Parents

Leadership Opportunities

Leweston offers pupils of all ages the opportunity to develop leadership skills. Each year a Sixth Form team, led by the Head and Deputy Prefects and Senior Prefects, is elected to assist in various organisational tasks and contribute to significant aspects of school life. 

All Year 12 students are invited to attend an off-site, residential leadership retreat which gives students an opportunity to explore the different qualities and attributes that make good leaders and effective teams. The students are accompanied by the Head of Sixth Form and tutor team, whilst activities – which range from physical to cerebral challenges – are run by a team of outdoor leadership specialists.

At the end of Year 12 their skills are put to the test on our Year 12 Leadership Day which requires the year group to work collectively to complete a series of challenges and tasks before culminating in the presentation of outcomes to the Senior Leadership Team.

In the Prep School, Prep 6 pupils apply for positions of responsibility including House Captains, representatives and peer mediators. Each class from Reception upwards has a nominated Form Captain which changes weekly. 


Every year the Prep participates in a wide range of activities including charity mufti days, bake sales and more, to raise hundreds of pounds for charities both close to home and further afield. Prep 6 Charity Reps take the lead in coordinating a programme of activities.


Partners for Progress  was founded in 2019 and supports education and community development projects in rural Nepal. The charity strives to maintain and strengthen a friendship link that has existed for over thirty-five years between Leweston School and Jana Jyoti Secondary School in the Gandaki Province of Nepal.

Every year our pupils organise events to raise funds for the school, as well as donating proceeds from our Tuck Shop. Money raised has helped to build new classrooms, purchase equipment and fund students through further education. 

School pupils travel regularly to work with the school, students and locals and learn more about the importance of their fundraising. The most recent trip took place in October 2023.

Peer Mentors and Buddies

All Sixth Form students are invited to apply to be peer mentors. If successful they go through a peer-mentoring programme where support and training is given prior to pairing with a mentee. They provide support and friendship to new pupils during their first term at Leweston as well as other pupils who may benefit from the support of an older pupil. Many mentors and mentees continue to meet long after the first term is over.

All Prep 6 pupils act as buddies spending spend time with Pre-Prep children and new starters every week. The Prep 6 pupils listen to the younger children read and, in doing so, act as role models.

Pupil Voice

Leweston offers a wide range of opportunities for pupils to share their thoughts, emotions, and concerns. There are Prep and Senior School Councils, where pupils actively participate in decision-making processes, chaired and organised by the pupils themselves with direct input to Senior Leadership. 

The Houses

The House system at Leweston encourages a sense of belonging within the school and gives opportunities for pupils to work with those in other year groups. Pupils are placed into one of four Houses. Each House in the Prep has links with a corresponding House in the Senior School which pupils move into when they transfer. Siblings will be in the same Houses and, if a parent is a former pupil, children will join their House. Each House has a Prep 6 Captain and Sixth Form Captain who is responsible for the general running, motivating and supporting of their peers.