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Made at Leweston

Old Antonians from Leweston can be found in all walks of life including aviation, fashion, architect, sciences, arts, filmmaker, finance, music, media, journalism, and so much more! Why not see for yourself what some of our leavers have achieved since they departed Leweston School.

2017 Philippa - Women in Defence winner (640x480)
Jennifer Casken

Jennifer Casken

Work-2-225x300Year of 2007 | Advanced Paramedic Practitioner

After leaving Leweston, Jennifer went on to study Paramedic Science at the University of Hertfordshire. As part of the course, she undertook a sandwich year working for the London Ambulance Service as a technician, gaining hands-on experience before completing her studies and qualifying as a Paramedic.

Since qualifying, Jennifer has remained with the London Ambulance Service, taking on various roles. She has worked as a mentor in their dedicated training stations, supervising and supporting new recruits during their first few weeks on the front line. She then transitioned into a management role within the control room, providing advice and guidance to crews needing support with complex jobs, and also performing telephone triage of patients to ensure the appropriate pathway is chosen for those waiting for ambulances.

In her most recent position, Jennifer serves as an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner specialising in Urgent Care, an innovative role focused on safely keeping patients at home or streamlining their journey to the hospital for the best patient experience. To support this role, she completed a Masters degree in Advanced Practice at St. George’s University, further enhancing her skill set.

This role has also offered Jennifer opportunities to work in various environments for Paramedics, expanding beyond just responding to emergency calls. She spends time within a large GP practice and an Urgent Care Centre, and has completed short placements in Paediatric A&E, Mental Health response cars, and Hospices. Recently, she has been working on her independent prescribing module.

Working for the London Ambulance Service has allowed Jennifer to participate in numerous national events and unique experiences. These include working at Notting Hill Carnival, London Pride, and the London Marathon. Additionally, she was featured on the BBC program “Ambulance,” and had the privilege of being part of a small medical team supporting the charity event ‘Magical Taxi Tour,’ which enabled seriously ill children to spend a weekend away from the hospital at Disneyland Paris.

At Leweston, Jennifer was an enthusiastic netball player and musician, passions she continues to enjoy to this day. Outside of work, she actively participates in the local Netball league, finding it a great stress reliever after a day at work. She is also a member of the Blue Light Symphony Orchestra, an orchestra composed of emergency services personnel.

Jemma Lacey

Jemma Lacey

Jemma-Lacey-generations-161x300Year of 2005 | Head of Art and Design at Leweston School

I’m writing to you today from Leweston school, where I’ve been teaching for nearly 10 years. Over the course of my career, I’ve seen many changes in the way children come to school and the values they bring with them.

One thing that has remained constant, however, is the way that families pass down values from one generation to the next. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching children whose parents and even grandparents also attended. These families often share a deep connection to our school and community, and they bring with them a strong sense of tradition and commitment to education.

Having your own children attend the school where you work can be a unique and rewarding experience. My Bella and Nate have been in the Leweston Nursery since they were 9 months old. At present, they are in Reception and Prep 4, and both have had the most wonderful school experiences. Swimming lessons in the timetable, forest school and access to specialist teachers. They play and visit the same classrooms or grounds that myself and little sister experienced as students. The school has gone from strength to strength with new facilities and we feel as a family so privileged to be a part of Leweston life. My father still jokes that I am earning back my school fees at his expense. But as a family upon reflection, we see that Leweston is our home and has made us ( my sister and I) the hardworking and positive adults we are now. I have seen my children learn and grow first-hand in the same way, and also now have had the opportunity to build deeper connections with the school community and be more involved in the children’s education.

As a teacher, I have a deep passion for education and a commitment to helping students succeed. Having your own children attend the same school can be a powerful way to share this passion and commitment with your family. You can provide them with insights and guidance that can help them thrive academically and personally.

Jessica Fox

Jessica Fox

Jessica-Fox-1993-1-225x300Year of 1993/4 | Owner of The Organised Fox and Publicity Manager at KOVA PR

At school, Jessica loved Latin and History of Art, and went on to study this along with French at A Level. Jessica particularly loved combining the knowledge of these two subjects which created a great interest in Classical architecture and allegorical mythological paintings and sculpture. Jessica was an ‘all-rounder’ at school. She enjoyed sport and represented the school in many of the teams. She involved herself in many extra-curricular activities like singing in the choir, photography and stage management for various productions and was made Prefect and Head of House for Mayne.

Following a year at St James Secretarial College and a degree in History of Art and Design, her career has been focussed on many areas of marketing. Such as: public relations for the marine, healthcare and film industries, high profile charity fundraising events, magazine editor for a trade membership association and campaign management in finance industry in both the UK and Australia. Jessica says “I thrive on variety and new challenges!”.

Jessica has her own company called The Organised Fox, where she works with clients to ease the burden of their admin, marketing and finance tasks, so they can concentrate on their core business. One of her main clients, KOVA PR, a film publicity agency, and so far this year she has worked on “Puss in Boots”, “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”, “Mummies”, “The Chosen” and “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”

Jessica works with Film Distributors to deliver specialist PR campaigns for their films by working with communities to enhance and support what those communities are doing, for example working with ‘Twinkl’ to promote film based educational resources.

“As a huge fan of Judy Blume in my youth and having a nine year old daughter, “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret” was really fun to work on with various faith, motherhood, education and reading communities. I also had Mummy kudos from my seven year old son for working on The Super Mario Bros. Movies!”


Milli Hill

Milli Hill

Milli-Hill-300x225Year of 1992 | Freelance Journalist and Author

Milli Hill (Year of 1992) has written three books and is working on her fourth, as well as being a Freelance Journalist. Milli came to writing late after having a couple of children, and then became passionate about writing, particularly women’s health.

From Leweston, Milli went on to Durham University to study English Literature, followed by a Drama school in London. After a few years, Milli returned to Dorset to retrain as a Drama Therapist. When Milli’s children were born, she turned to writing for solace.

Milli started an organisation called ‘The Positive Birth Movement’ to try and bring women together to improve birth. As well as writing a blog, Milli started to get work as a freelance journalist. In the last ten years, Milli has written for The Guardian, Daily Mail, Telegraph, iPaper, and The Independent, as well as many other magazines.

Through journalism, her passion for improving birth inspired Millie to write her first book ‘The Positive Birth Book’. It was very successful and led to Milli getting an agent and a book deal for her second book – ‘Give Birth like a Feminist’ – with Harper Collins. During the Pandemic, Milli was approached to write a book for pre-teens talking about periods for a publisher called Hachette.

“I think my time at Leweston helped me because I was surrounded by so many funny, intelligent young women. My Year group was absolutely fantastic, and I think it was a real privilege to grow up with them.”

Georgie Shirley

Georgie Shirley

team-vet-georgie-1-300x300Year of 2008 | Ambulatory First Opinion Equine Veterinary Surgeon

Georgina (Georgie) joined Leweston in Prep 3 with the ambition to be a vet! Georgie achieved her goal and is now an ambulatory first opinion equine veterinary surgeon for Gibbs Marsh Equine Veterinary Ltd.

Georgie was known at Leweston for her sporting achievements in running, hockey, netball and was one of the first to compete for the school in modern pentathlon before it came as possible as it is now at Leweston. Georgie was the North Dorset Champion for 150m, Junior Wessex Champion 800m and also won a distance trophy in the Year 2000. Georgie had fencing lessons with Mr Freeman in the Prep school and states that she was “ever grateful for all the diverse sporting opportunities we had, I’ve discovered you never truly get quite that opportunity again where so much is on offer and so easy to get involved.

After Leweston, Georgie studied Veterinary Medicine and Science at the University of Nottingham. After qualifying, Georgie specialised in equine practice, completing a one-year internship programme PGcert in Equine Veterinary practice.

Georgie moved back to Dorset where she now works at Gibbs Marsh Equine, and has done since April 2016 with a keen interest in internal medicine, including gastroscopy, endoscopy and acupuncture.

In 2017, we welcomed Georgie back to Leweston, as she demonstrated some veterinary practices with the help of two pupils and her very obliging dog. We hope to welcome Georgie back soon with some exciting equine development and wish her all the very best of luck as she progresses in her career.

Alice Greenfield

Alice Greenfield

Alice-Greenfield-240x300Year of 2009 | Cinematographer and Photographer

Alice is a commercial photographer and cinematographer.

In 2020, she co-founded Adrift Visuals, a video and photography production agency specialising in the sport and outdoor industries. Since a young age, and certainly during her time at Leweston, Alice expressed an interest in art, design and creativity. “Looking back, Leweston was no doubt a positive driving force for taking me where I am today.” Alice has very fond memories of walking over to the design and art centre and experimenting with all sorts of creative processes, from making a blanket for her family dog at the time to using new computer technology to create CAD designs.

Alice remembers feeling encouraged to get into a flow state of creativity, and not feeling worried about asking questions. As a student with learning difficulties, the teachers were patient and attentive.

Alice went on to study photography and then cinema at the University of Leeds. She then worked in London in media production for companies such as Hello Magazine, before becoming freelance and then setting up her own business.

Since then, Alice has created award-winning short films and campaigns for global brands. Alice spent a lot of free time travelling and sharing her photography on her Instagram channel and pursuing different water sports, Alice has a big interest in fine art analogue photography too.

“I am so glad Leweston was part of this journey. I have many treasured memories at the school. “

Camilla Yakteen

Camilla Yakteen

Year of 1990 | Horse Racing TV Analyst

Camilla (Millie) Yakteen (née Ball) transitioned from an Event rider to a Point to Point rider during Sixth Form at Leweston, working and racing on the weekends for the later trainer John Dufosee, in Dorset (who’s late wife Jane Dufosee was also an Old Antonian!) Millie then spent a Gap year in Dargaville, New Zeland working for a flat racehorse trainer called Sally Gillespie.

Millie attended the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in the inaugral Equine Veterinary and Business Management course. During her three years at college, Millie rode competitively as an amateur jockey in England and France, and became the first woman to win the Marlborough Cup Timber Race. In 1995 I was offered an opportunity to work as an exercise-rider at a racecourse in California and jumped the chance! Millie spent the next 10 years riding out for three Hall of Fame trainers, Bobby Frankel, Richard Mandella and Bob Baffert, and have travelled as far as Hong Kong and Dubai with horses racing abroad.

In 1999, Millie’s interest in television, led her to working behind the scenes for a Betfair horse racing channel called TVG. A year later, Millie auditioned for a horse-racing channel that had just launched called Horse Racing Television (HRTV). Millie’s riding experience and industry contacts helped her to acquire the job, and allowed her to get her feet wet broadcasting as a reporter, then later a host and analyst.

In 2015, with the advancement of technology changing the way fans watch and wager on sport, an opportunity arose for Millie to work with a start up online horse-racing company called XBTV. Millie spends most of the year analysing races for domestic and international markets such as Sky Sorts and broadcasr live racing from Santa Anita Park.

Millie says that highlights of her TV career, include “working as a reporter for NBC Sports Road to the Kentucky Derby and covering two Triple Crowns, an extremely rare feat in American thoroughbred horseracing, both achieved by my former boss Bob Baffert.” Millie also enjoys producing international reports for the annual Breeders’ Cup World Thoroughbred Championships which gives her an excuse to catch up with many of her European racing friends.

Lauren Jansons

Lauren Jansons

Lauren-Jansons-206x300Year of  2009 | Senior Animator

Lauren is now a Senior Animator and has been working on projects for Netflix, Amazon Prime, Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon.

At Leweston, Lauren studied Art, Design and Technology, History of Art and Drama, but it was animation that caught her eye. Lauren loved the idea of being able to bring her art to life and create worlds which weren’t restricted to a sketchbook or canvas. Unsure if there was a career in animation, Lauren continued with the intention to study fine art at University but utilised her free time by practicing and expanding her understanding of animation. During these trial and errors, Mr Bush, who was one of the art teachers at the time noticed Lauren’s hard work and resilience, and was a huge support for her and helped Lauren realise that animation was in fact the career path for her.

During her time at Falmouth University, studying Digital Animation, Lauren learnt about the 12 principles of animation, as well as how to use a green screen, film equipment, lighting and cinematography. Lauren and a friend were hired by the University to attend festivals to teach others the basics of animations and to represent the course. Through this, Lauren met animation legends such as Aardman Animations, through to Pixar and many more! From there she was hired as a trustee and Chairman for the FXU board at Falmouth. When Lauren graduated, a fellow graduate and herself created a company called ‘Falimation’ where they toured the UK at festivals, schools and University’s, giving guest talks on animation, as well as teaching the basics of animation and how easy it us to create content from home.

As well as being a guest speaker for women in animation at Comic Con South Africa, Lauren is also a mentor for animator students finishing their final year at University. Lauren is happy to advise any Leweston students who may be interested in animation and want to study it further.

A couple of projects that Lauren has worked on have gone on to of won International and local awards, one of those which Lauren has recently worked on has been nominated for an Emmy this year. Having previously worked in Ireland at a Multi Award winning and four time Oscar nominated Studio, Cartoon Saloon, Lauren now lives in Johannesburg with her boyfriend, two cats, ball python and tarantula!

Zoë Schwarz

Zoë Schwarz

Canva Design DAFvKfU78lIYear of 1982 | Jazz & Blues Singer

Zoë Schwarz’s musical journey started at a young age.  A natural singer, Zoë was chosen as a regular soloist at Leweston and often conducted Schola.  She was introduced to Billie Holiday by her uncle in her early teens which was inadvertently the crucial stepping-stone to Zoë’s natural home of singing jazz and blues.

By the time Zoë left school she had achieved Grade 8 piano, clarinet, music theory and singing (not to mention hours knocking around on an acoustic guitar whenever possible and dabbling in early song writing). From here, her journey started.

Zoe graduated in Performing Arts from Middlesex University and has performed in many guises over the following years in modern improvisational and classical music, drama and dance.

Zoë’s early formative musical experiences included singing in indie pop bands, improvisational theatre workshops and performances; frequenting various London venues including The Bass Clef, Ronnie Scott’s, and the Royal Festival Hall.

Zoë was introduced to Rob Koral, a likeminded musician and after several years of working together, they formed the Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion in January 2012.   As well as the well-received Blue Commotion albums. Zoë and Rob have also recorded a beautiful, intimate trio album called Slow Burn which, not only features Zoe’s distinct blues phrasing, but unashamedly is a vehicle for the influences that have impacted on Zoe’s entire musical development, including documenting the profound effect of Billie Holiday on her musical personality.  They have had multiple plays on BBC Radio 2 and 3, many reviews and feature interviews.  They have performed at venues including Ronnie Scotts, the Tivoli Theatre and The Cavern Club in Liverpool to mention a few.

Zoë recently performed at our Leweston Live 2022 Festival, and it was wonderful to invite an OA to perform on stage for our current pupils as well as local community.


Tabitha Nelham-Clarke

Tabitha Nelham-Clarke

Tabitha-Nelham-Clarke-300x300Year of 2011 | Senior Mechanical Engineer

Tabby’s life has changed beyond all recognition since leaving school. She now commutes to work by helicopter admiring a pod of orchas.

After leaving Newcastle University with a Mechanical Engineering Masters, Tabby joined Schlumberger as a Handling Engineer in the Oil Industry, working in seismic exploration. She has been doing this for the last three years and was recently been promoted to a Senior Engineer on the Fast Track scheme. She lives offshore on a vessel working hundreds of miles from land.

Seismic study sees an acoustic sound wave given off by ‘guns’ which are towed behind the vessel.  Fourteen cables also towed behind the vessel and approximately 10km long then receive these sound waves.

The way these sound waves reflect or refract off the different layers of rock on the seabed build up a 3D picture to determine the location of oil reservoirs and depletion.

As a senior Mechanical Engineer Tabby leads the team in charge of all the equipment onboard. Her team troubleshoots and fixes all hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, pneumatic systems under significant time pressure with limited supplies. The expression that time is money could not be more apt in this sector where every delayed minute cost tens of thousands of pounds. The probability of having the correct parts so far from shore is also unlikely, so Tabby’s job usually consists of making the most of what she has. The team also conducts repairs on the towed equipment out at sea. Her job is extremely hands on, solving problems in a dynamic environment. On any day she could go from a desk to driving a crane, leading the workboat team, onto the slipway, or working at height.

Tabby says ‘my career so far has allowed me to travel all over the world, off the beaten track, in many countries I wouldn’t have seen otherwise. My team is extremely multicultural with every person from a different country, which is an eye-opening experience with its own challenges and rewards. I have definitely seen more of the world and its people than I ever could have imagined.

I am currently the only woman in my department, in the fleet and, quite often, onboard. This in its self is a significant challenge and a situation I hope will improve with time’.

Tabby is very happy to offer advice and insight to anyone interested in the Engineering sector.

Millie Pilkington

Millie Pilkington

Millie PilkingtonYear of 1989 | Photographer

Millie Pilkington is one of the UK’s most respected and accomplished portrait photographers, specialising in children and family. She’s also one of its best loved, not just for the beauty, authenticity and artistry of her finished photographs, but also for the boundless energy, humour and professionalism she brings to the process of taking them.

Based near Sherborne in Dorset, Millie Pilkington’s portrait commissions take her far and wide across the UK and abroad.

Whether photographing in her state of the art studio in Dorset, or on location, Millie is known for doing whatever it takes to get the shot, from balancing precariously at the top of a ladder to wading through a pond.

Her ability to capture the spirit of a moment, a child, a family, a relationship or a character gives her images an emotional truth and beauty that can be profoundly affecting. Although the majority of her commissions (which range from fun and informal family portraits to the private wedding photographs of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge) aren’t in the public realm, her work has nonetheless appeared widely in the UK and international press including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s and Pippa Middleton’s weddings.

She has also undertaken a number of private royal commissions including an official family portrait of Prince Edward, celebrating his 50th birthday and being official photographer for various events with the Queen – in her diamond jubilee year.

Her work is regularly featured in Country Life Magazine, The Times and The Guardian and recent portraits for Country life include:  Peter Philips, Judi Dench, Kate Adie, Trudie Styler and Sabine Getty.

She has also published a book called Great Faces of Dorset.

Anuschka Schofield

Anuschka Schofield

Anuschka-Schofield-225x300Year of 1987 | Wildlife Filmmaker

Anuschka is an award-winning Producer/Director of wildlife documentaries.

She has always loved animals, although her interest in filmmaking began at school. Her inspiration came during one of Miss Patterson’s Geography lessons when the class were shown the first episode of David Attenborough’s Life on Earth. She remembers thinking “That’s what I want to do!”

At school she was one of the early members of the photography club and particularly enjoyed science and maths lessons. She went on to study Natural Sciences at Cambridge and an MSc in Animal Behaviour at Edinburgh University.

In her mid 20’s she moved to Bristol and after much perseverance she secured her dream job – working as a Researcher at the BBC Natural History Unit. During the last 20 years Anuschka has worked on a range of television programmes – including The Really Wild Show, Wild Africa, Springwatch, Ocean Giants and Orangutan Diary. She has also been lucky enough to work with Sir David Attenborough on The Life of Mammals, Wildlife on One and Zoo Quest in Colour. Her latest project is Natural World: Meet the Bears.

Her career has taken her to many of the more remote and challenging corners of the world, working with film crews, scientists, presenters and animals. Teamwork has been a vital aspect of her job, and playing in many sports teams at school (under the legendary tuition of Mrs Ault, Miss Loney and Miss Brooks) has stood her in good stead.