Leweston has four boarding houses: Martha (Girls Years 4 to 8), Cecilia (Girls Years 9 and 10), Eleanor (Girls Years 11 to 13) and Antony (Boys Years 4 to 13). Each House has its own Houseparent who plays a crucial role in the pastoral care of their students. Our aim is to create a relaxed, family atmosphere where boarders feel happy, secure and comfortable.

Unlike many boarding schools the Houses are part of the main school buildings, this creates a home from home atmosphere where academic, daily life happens ‘downstairs’ and boarding, family life ‘upstairs’. It also ensures that day and boarding pupils are fully integrated as they spend whole school day together.

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The Leweston Learner
From Nursery to Sixth Form Leweston shares an educational approach that helps our pupils develop an attitude to learning they can apply across the curriculum, as well as in the wider world. Click on the five key characteristics to find out more.