The Prep School covers four year groups, Prep 3, 4, 5 and 6. Depending on the size of the year group pupils are taught in either one or two classes of no more than 20 pupils. Our larger classes are supported by teaching assistants. At this stage, we take full advantage of our subject specialists, both from the Senior School and within our Prep staff, who deliver large parts of the curriculum. We also draw on the Senior facilities using the dedicated Art and Science Departments, extensive sports facilities, design technology rooms and school theatre.

We aim to inspire children to be high achievers and independent learners. With small classes, teachers are able to tailor their planning to meet the needs of each individual, ensuring that activities include just the right amount of ‘stretch’ to ensure progress. This progress is meticulously monitored and assessed against every strand of the curriculum, so that we can ensure the greatest possible coverage.

Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and understand their learning style. To encourage a growth mindset we view challenge as a gift, and support the children in embracing it.

Our school day is long enough to enable great coverage, so we are careful to ensure that homework can fit around our pupils’ busy schedules. Children are expected to read and work on their times tables daily, and there are weekly spellings to learn. Other homework is set weekly, via a single homework sheet, which includes these tasks and one or two other tasks. There are normally a number of optional tasks which relate to the current topics being studied, again encouraging pupils to take the lead in their own learning.

Every evening there is a member of teaching staff available in the Prep room for pupils who wish to stay and complete their homework. They are able to do this with adult support and to be collected at any point before 6pm, free to go home and enjoy the rest of their evening with the homework behind them.

Every pupil in the Prep has an online learning journal in which their assessment data is collated, and photos and videos of their achievements and joys at school can be shared directly with you at home.

In Prep 6 all pupils are supported with their move on to Senior School and we achieve scholarships every year to Leweston Senior School.


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