Sixth Form

Moving into the Sixth Form provides pupils with new opportunities and exciting challenges marking the transition between school and university and a time for raising aspirations. While there is a supportive continuity throughout the school, Sixth Formers testify to the differences between their GCSE and A Level years at Leweston and we welcome approximately 20% of students into the school at this stage.

The Sixth Form at Leweston offers a broad and enriching curriculum. As well as exploring new areas of knowledge and new ways of studying, you will find opportunities for wide interaction with others, for leadership and involvement in the community as well as different experiences in sport, art and design, drama, music, travel and friendship. As a school Leweston attaches great importance to the skills and personal qualities that students gain, not only through their academic work, but also through other activities both in and out of school. While we expect that our Sixth Formers are ready to leave school by the end of the Sixth Form we hope that school has been an adventure for you and that it has given you a thirst for knowledge that will motivate you through life

Emma Massey, Head of Sixth Form

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